Free Booklets

SPEAK UP in the Hood (Peace Warriors) by Jim Duignan

Teen Chicago Curriculum Guide Chicago History Museum

Word Warriors by Kuumba Lynx, a spoken word curriculum printed by the Stockyard Institute (2013)

SPREAD Stockyard Institute project transcribed stories of seniors at the Oak Park lunchroom during later 2012 and early 2013. Interviews conducted by Jim Duignan and transcribed by local high school students.

SHoP Primer Jim Duignan This is a series of small primers on Informal Art Education and Community Learning.

Michael Piazza The exhibition catalog of Michael Piazza work at the Gahlberg Gallery at the College of DuPage written by Jim Duignan, Bertha Husband and Brian Dortmund (2008).

FOOD An early and seminal book and project by artist Gordon Matta Clark that can be linked to the development of socially engaged practices.

How to build a plywood rowboat

What Makes your Art Political? by Sophie Hope

Break Bread Open A catalogue of visual arts practices between Dublin City and Liverpool (2012).

LABOUR A catalogue of performances by Irish female artists (2012).

Quantified Self A collection of works from emerging artists from the LAB at Dublin City (2012).

Art Work: A National Conversation about Art, Labor and Economics by Temporary Services

Beyond Green Catalogue is the companion book to the extraordinary and important local exhibit at the Smart Museum curated by Stephanie Smith.

Singin Dose Annti Psychotic Blues 1 one amazing magazine before pre digital publishing, a physical cut and paste piece and part of the extensive Marc Fischer collection. Marc Fischer is a founding member of the artist collective Temporary Services.

Pedagogical Sketchbook by artist Paul Klee. A work of annotations and diagrams depicting the actual and practical marks Klee used to understand his own psychic shorthand.

A Guidebook of Alternative Nows edited by Amber Hickey. This is a book that functions as a platform, encouraging awareness of and engagement in the web of hopeful endeavors. Use it as a toolbox; a coffee table conversation starter; an encyclopedia of change-making techniques; as evidence; a springboard for your own creative resistance; a schoolbook; as something in which to scribble ideas; a bible; a songbook; a window into the possibilities of today and tomorrow; the basis of your next action…

Art Work: A National Conversation on Art, Labor and Economics by Temporary Services.

Chicago Makes Modern A 2012 publication on Modernism’s influence on Chicago and the city’s contribution to Modernism, edited by Mary Jane Jacob and Jacquelynn Baas.

Downtime at the Experimental Station A zine by Temporary Services of a conversation between Dan S. Wang and Dan Peterman cataloging the time after the devastating fire that gutted the Experimental Station in Chicago.

How We Work is a collaborative journal for research and commentary on the working models of independent art spaces and groups by the Institute for Applied Aesthetics.

Getting Started On School Gardens by the Centre for Eco-Literacy

Latent Learning Curriculum A collection of essays, statements and excerpts by Chris Kennedy.

Lets Remake the World The library of Radiant Optimism by Brett Bloom and Bonnie Fortune.

Working Big A Teachers Guide to Environmental Sculpture by John Lidstone and Clarence Bunch.

Trade Show catalog exhibition catalog from Mass MOCA in 2005.

Proximity Magazine (#1) On Chicago’s Art and Cultural scenes. The first issue of an important local publication in Chicago produced by Ed and Rachel Marzewski.

 Spray Paint Manual by University of Hip Hop