Free Teacher Manual Against Anesthesia

Cover GuideBook for the Arts Future

Visual Philosophy Jim Duignan

Action Alberto Aguilar scavenger hunt

Action found portraits

Action Pet portrait

Action Poster Project on Social Issue by Bianca Diaz

Action Practice the Scavenger Hunt

Action sample (Guerilla Art)

Action sample Amber Torres

Action sample Beth Kracum

Action sample Julie Olson

Action Sound painted music

Actions list

Actions list 2

Artist Alexander Calder unit plan

Artist Kevin Cyr Unit Plan

Artist Rosie Presti sculpture walk

Artist Sculpture Suitcase archive by Jim Duignan

Artist Walking Chicago Public Art tour

Bookmaking Handout on Graphic Novels as Contemporary Art

Bookmaking Handout on Graphic Novel

Ceramics Food Project (Dinner)

Ceramics Food project (hamburger)

Ceramics Food project (poster)

Ceramics Food project (brownie sundae)

Ceramics Food project Beth Kracum baked potato drawing

Ceramics How to make clay

Collage Greg Sand weave

Collage Haiku project description (purple cow)

Collage Haiku project description (Fred)

Collage mixed media drawing (Wisconsin)

Drawing (Simone)

Drawing Ideas

Drawing of leaf cross section

Drawing of sigil description

Drawing on Comic Page Layout

Drawing in pairs project

Drawing project Amy Vechionni sketchbook page

Drawing project Claire Pentecost on Duignan (description)

Drawing project Claire Pentecost on Jim Duignan

Drawing project Spriral Jetty

Drawing sheet Michael Accero head proportion

Drawing sheet Michael Accero facial features

Drawing sheet planes of face

Drawing sheet on eyes

Environment lesson (seedfolks book)

Environment Planting clay pots

Environment Planting Katie Vautier flowerbox lesson

Environment Sculpture Public memorial Jim Duignan

Guides comic story board sheet

Guides Day of the Dead Unit

Guides Lesson (building blocks)

Guides Lesson (color)

Guides Lesson (composition)

Guides Lesson (elements)

Guides Lesson (line)

Guides Lesson (Magazine cover)

Guides Lesson (shape)

Guides Lesson (space)

Guides Lesson (texture)

Guides Lesson (tone)

Guides Lictenstein unit

Guides Luminous Craft Feast Unit blank

Guides Luminous Craft unit sample

Guides Luminous Craft template

Guides Tic Tac Toe rubric sample

Guides Tic Tac Toe sheet

Guides zine 8 page blank

Guides Zine how to fold a zine

How to Make (Guerilla Art)

How to Make a flowerbox memorial

How to Make accordion book folds

How to Make Brown Robot Drawing Machine

How to Make clay whistle

Improv Green Eggs & Ham Lesson

Improv Novel Series The Giver

Improvisational Feast

masterpiece (trophy)

Parking Lot Japanese drawing I

Parking Lot Japanese drawing II

Parking Lot Japanese drawing III

Parking Lot Japanese drawing IV

Printmaking Gauguin Monoprints

Sound Polysemous

Sound Pop Bottle Instrument

Sound Radio diagram

Sound spoken word

zine Adventure School for Ladies

zine birds

zine Earwig

zine Eyeball

zine flowerbox memorial

zine Germs

zine hand

zine Harry Who

zine Mending

zine Oli Watt

zine Rudnick

zine Sky Dog

zine Virus

zine When I Cry